Homebase is a cybersecurity start-up, designed and founded by MING Labs and industry experts ensuring that sensitive data remains secure in the WFH environment.

Our Story

In 2020, the pandemic caught us unprepared. Government and company policies were quickly put in place aimed to reduce infection rates and ensure business continuity. Those who could, switched to working from home (WFH). Since then, remote work has become the new norm, however, with the appearance of a new working environment, challenges arise. Suddenly, sales representatives and customer support specialists were handling sensitive and personal customer data in an uncontrolled environment.

Friends and family use the same personal devices making exposure of sensitive data inevitable, allowing for unauthorised access and identity misuse. Existing solutions such as password protection or fingerprint readers do not guarantee continuous security as they only verify the user at startup or when logging in. A better solution was needed. That is why homebase was founded.

We offer a workspace security solution that ensures a secure environment for employees, customers, and anyone working remotely.Our biometric database cannot be exploited as the facial recognition technology does not store any personal identification data. Every photo taken is immediately translated into a mathematical representation of this biometric data and cannot be reverse-engineered. Therefore, no personal data is associated with the identification process thus leaving no chance for exposure in case of a data breach.

We take data protection and privacy very seriously and ensure complete protection of your identity.

Our Team

Your guardians of workspaces.

Designed for anyone who works at home with potential risks to sensitive data exposures.