How It Works

We offer an AI-enabled biometric authentication SaaS solution, to effectively prevent any data compromise risks through Insider Threat Management (ITM) and maximising your WFH security with frictionless and passwordless real-time authentication.

Biometric Technology

  • Proprietary Technology Made in Germany:
    - 100% self-written and made in Germany based on the principles of privacy and security.
    - Easy integration and implementation process. Enjoy the frictionless user experience as Homebase is ready in minutes. Just install and use. An added bonus: its scalability.
    - Multi-factor authentication enabled with extremely accurate algorithm for face, eye and voice recognition.
  • GDPR Compliant & Privacy-Ensured:
    - Designed with the highest security level complying to both German and European data protection laws.
    - Powered by an anonymous facial recognition algorithm. Using numeric codes called faceprints, thus storing no personal identification data to ensure your privacy from inside out.
  • Device Independent & Anti-Spoofing:
    - Patented face liveness detection algorithms prevent any attempts to bypass the biometrics e.g. with help of 3D masks, fraud or mimicked motions.
    - Only two simple selfies needed, taken by a standard camera. No special equipment is required with minimal user collaboration.

Uninterrupted User Experience

  • 3-step onboarding: Users can set up the program in three steps.
  • Frictionless Authenticaton: The verification process runs automatically in the background without disrupting users’ workflow unless they fail the face recognition three times.
  • Automatic Lock (In-Session Detection): The computer locks itself to prevent unauthorised access once a certain number of failed authentications occur.
  • Delay verification: If enabled (by the administrator) users can delay the verification process to an appropriate time at their convenience.

Self-Help Admin Dashboard

  • General overview: The admin dashboard provides a real-time overview of successful/ failed verifications across your organisation.
  • Customised group setting: The admin can group different users and set up a different number of verification required for specific groups within a certain period. Additionally, the number of failed validations before the screen locks can also be customised.
  • Employee view: Actions are available, with which individual users can be addressed, for example, change users to another group, (un)enrol users, delete users from the dashboard.
  • User profile: The homebase account management can be integrated into your HR software, enabling automatic on- and off-boarding of any employees.
  • Notification system: An alert notification is automatically sent to the admin when abnormal activity occurs and the alarm trigger can also be customised.
Designed for anyone who works at home with potential risks to sensitive data exposures.