How It Works

We offer an AI-enabled biometric authentication SaaS solution, to effectively prevent any unauthorised access and mitigate your WFH security risks with maximum flexibility and highest accuracy.

Biometric Technology

  • Proprietary Technology Made in Germany:
    - 100% self-written and made in Germany based on the principles of privacy and security.
    - Easy integration and implementation process. Homebase is ready in minutes. Just install and use. An added bonus: its scalability.
    - Multi-factor authentication enabled with extremely accurate algorithm for face, eye and voice recognition.
  • GDPR Compliant & Privacy-Ensured:
    - Designed with the highest security level complying to both German and European data protection laws.
    - Powered by an anonymous facial recognition algorithm storing no personal identification data to ensure your privacy from inside out.
  • Device Independent & Anti-Spoofing:
    - Patented face liveness detection algorithms prevent any attempts to bypass the biometrics e.g. with help of 3D masks, fraud or mimicked motions.
    - Only two simple selfies needed, taken by a standard camera. No special equipment is required with minimal user collaboration.

Uninterrupted User Experience

  • 3-step onboarding: Users can set up the program in three steps.
  • Background program: The verification process runs automatically in the background without disrupting users’ workflow unless they fail the face recognition three times.
  • Automatic Lock: The computer locks itself to prevent unauthorised access once a certain number of failed identifications occur.
  • Delay verification: If enabled (by the administrator) users can delay the verification process to an appropriate time at their convenience.

Self-Help Admin Dashboard

  • General overview: The admin dashboard provides a real-time overview of successful/ failed verifications across your organisation.
  • Customised group setting: The admin can group different users and set up a different number of verification required for specific groups within a certain period. Additionally, the number of failed validations before the screen locks can also be customised.
  • Employee view: Actions are available, with which individual users can be addressed, for example, change users to another group, (un)enrol users, delete users from the dashboard.
  • User profile: The homebase account management can be integrated into your HR software, enabling automatic on- and off-boarding of any employees.
  • Notification system: An alert notification is automatically sent to the admin when abnormal activity occurs and the alarm trigger can also be customised.